We are here to make a difference.


We have created sustainified to help create a world where we take better care of the environment, the earth's resources and each other.
We are working hard to become a part of the solution, even though sometimes we are part of the problem. We are continually changing things, looking for alternatives.

Eventually, all the work, by us and any one of you, add up to something big and noticeable.


Deforestation and Pollution are two of the biggest threats to the environment. Visible signs of pollution are more than evident, from the plastic trash that floats
in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the litter on NYC city streets. Pollution has gotten out of hand. Our desire for more, new "stuff" has led to our old stuff being thrown away at an unnecessary and alarming rate.

Deforestation is a rapidly-growing problem. Fewer trees also mean less cleansing oxygen and the displacement of the wildlife. It also means a dangerous
decrease in a natural fighter of global warming.

We at sustainified give every customer at checkout the option to plant a tree for $1.00, it is advised to do so. We don't keep the money - promised. It goes straight to One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Vermont.

Every dollar donated will plant one tree with their reforestation partners around the world.

One and a half acres of rainforest are being chopped down every second, we have already chopped down about 50% of the rainforests that once existed.
At the current rate of destruction, we will completely destroy the rainforests in the next 40 years.

Rainforests are crucial to stabilizing the climate and to human survival.

We, as individuals, can combat many of the issues.

By using recycled paper and sustainable materials like bamboo, we can decrease the need to cut down as many trees.

To reduce the amount of pollution in our streets, air, and water we need to make a mental change.

Ask yourself if you really need the new product you're about to buy.
Also, must it be made of plastic? Or other, non-sustainable materials?